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What Are Hemorrhoids?


Although they are not often the subject of conversation, no less than half of the population suffers from this painful ailment. Hard pressing, but also overweight or pregnancy can result in hemorrhoids. What are they exactly?

Swollen bodies are present in the transition from the rectum to the anus. These swelling bodies consist of spongy tissue with blood vessels, covered with a layer of intestinal mucosa. They help the sphincter to close the intestinal exit well, so that no gas or moisture can escape.

Although they are very useful, the swelling bodies and their blood vessels can also cause a lot of discomfort. If they swell too much, you will suffer from hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids in medical terms. They are a kind of varicose veins , but then in the rectum.



Internal or external

Hemorrhoids can occur both internally and externally. If they are only in the gut itself, we speak of internal hemorrhoids. These are not visible and do not have to be painful, but they can bleed.

Swelling hemorrhoids further up and drop them out, they bulge out beyond the sphincter. We call this external hemorrhoids. You then feel a bump sitting. An out-of-the-way hemorrhoid will initially return automatically. At a later stage you have to push it back in.


Besides a division into internal and external, there is also a classification based on development stages:

Stage 1: Internal hemorrhoid that bleeds when the stool passes through it. In this phase the symptoms consist of itching and pain during and after the toilet visit.

Stage 2: The hemorrhoid comes out with the bowel movement, but then automatically returns to the bowel. Itching, burning and sensitivity are increasing at this stage.

Stage 3: The hemorrhoid is so swollen that it falls outside the anus and no longer goes into the intestine automatically. You can push it back, but it does very well. At this stage you can feel the swelling constantly.

Stage 4: The hemorrhoid hangs out, can not be pushed back and does very much. Sitting is difficult.


How do you know if you have hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids can itch, hurt and give a burning sensation. If hard stools or toilet paper rubs along, they will bleed. You will then see bright red blood on the paper or in the toilet bowl.

If the hemorrhoid enters the sphincter, it will no longer close the intestinal outlet properly, causing you to lose stools, blood and mucus. This can worsen the itching and pain.

If the hemorrhoid grows larger and the sphincter pinches the blood vessels, the hemorrhoid swells further and becomes more and more bleeding easier.

To the doctor

Hemorrhoids are not dangerous, but of course annoying. There are several ways to treat them , so do not walk around with it. The cause of blood from the anus can also be less innocent. Is there blood in your stool, but you are not sure if you have hemorrhoids, go to the doctor.





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